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The Shadows are Coming…

When Ben Reilly returns to his home town of Casino, soured on city life after a bad break-up, he’s hoping for little more than the comfort of familiar surroundings and a quiet place to clear his head. That all changes when he finds himself staying in a Motel room two doors down from the strangely intense Allan and his wife, two people permanently attached to their sunglasses and with a dark, shadowy look about them, as if the sun doesn’t quite dare to shine directly on them.

These strangers are mistrusted by the town and suspected of being drug pushers, or
Shadowville 3Dworse, when local townspeople start visiting their hotel at odd hours of the day and night. The mistrust seem justified when, first children, then adults start to go missing. Odd behaviour spreads across the town as friends and neighbours turn on each other, or group together, forming gangs.

When Ben discovers Allan and his wife’s dark secret, he turns to the internet, searching for answers. In one online forum he finds tales of a mysterious stranger, an apparent sole survivor of another town where this same thing once happened. Ben soon finds himself face to face with the very myth himself, a man known only as Shade, who claims to be immune to Allan’s dark powers.

Shade leads Ben into the heart of darkness in a centuries old battle against these sinister Shadoweaters, people with viscious ink-blot eyes, who are little more than appendages to the living shadows that tug at their heels like hungry dogs. What happens next will change Ben forever…

The shadows are here!

Currently available for Kindle, iphone, Kobo and Barnes & Noble.

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