Check out my (Very Short) Aborted Attempt at Turning Shadowville into a Screenplay

So I was going through my old Shadowville notes last night, looking for bits and bobs I could one day throw into a Special Edition and, lo and behold, I found this old word doc where I made a sad little attempt to turn Shadowville into a movie script. I remember it exactly, because I think at the same time I also wrote a treatment for a Hulk sequel introducing The Abomination (Hollywood stole my idea!).
Here now, for your eyeballs’ pleasure, is the opening scene of Shadowville in script form! Before I cut this chapter.

Anyway, for your brief pleasure (like I’ve never said that before) is one page of my attempted Shadowville script;

The Script
By Paul Taylor
June 2003 Draft
A shitty little backwater town in country NSW, Australia. It could be any town anywhere in country Australia undergoing the slow degradation as their populations just sort of fade away.
Clouds bulge, purple and pregant with repressed anger, threatening to burst upon the town at any second.
A high-pitched SCREAM rents the air. Then another.
Help, please! Oh, God somebody help me!
Over the top of her screams we cane hear the louder, uglier sound of an angry mob. SHOUTS and YELLS.
ANNALISA staggers out into the street. She stumbles along in a half-limp, half run, favouring one leg. It’s obvious she’s been badly beaten and beneath the blood and matted, bloody hair she is still pretty.
Behind Annalisa the MOB swarms into view. Its made up mostly of men – one to two dozen – but there are a few women. They carry no weapons but you can see their shadows stretching out in front of them, unnaturally dark and thick, like ink. We notice that Annalisa’s shadow is fainter and runs in a different direction to the mob’s. Their shadows seem to be somehow moving.
The mob is closing on her as she makes a last-ditch run for a nearby CHURCH. She staggers through the front gates of the church and up the path past a dried out fountain and collapses on the front steps. The church gardens are neglected and dead or dying, weeds growing up all through it. It’s obvioulsy neglected.
With obviuos effort, she turns and looks back towards the street and the mob. Her eyes first widen in disbelief and then her moujth curls into a smile and she starts LAUGHING.
Oh, thank God.
She pulls herself to her feet, not turnign her back on the mob, and starts edging towards the big double doors of the church.
Oh, thank you. Thank you God!
Her thanks are cut short as she stumbles backwards against a man and she turns to see that it is – –
There’s no God here, miss. No God but what we choose.
He throws his head back and starts laughing. He throws his arms wide and laughs and we see black, inky ribbons streaming from his eyes, nose, mouth and ears and then from all over his body. They stream out and swarm up around Annalisa like tentacles and wrap her like a mummy.
As the Priest’s shadows close over her she looses strength and falls slowly to her knees. We see that where the shadows are actually touching her her skin is starting to shrivel and whither away like burning paper.

The Mob suddenly screams and comes charging up the path, swarming over the priest and the girl. The priest’s laughter echoes out over the town even as he is covered and a whipshot CRACK of thunder booms over the town.

Just for the record, I still have half an idea I could probably write a better script than a novel but what the hell am I going to do with a movie script?

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