The Greatest Writing Advancement of the Last 10 Years

I shit you not.2014-12-04 22.21.30

This, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 S Pen is the single greatest technological advancement I have seen since I started writing lo those many years ago.

I’ve tried typing on laptops and I keep coming out with things like “look slike” and “The quick broan fox jumpd over the laxy bof”. I tried swyping on my keypad and getting words like Quixtl instead of quietly. (That’s not a real example but it’s close).

The only way I’ve ever been able to constantly, efficiently, write is by long hand. I’ve written three novels in longhand (two of which are virtually unpublishable, the other one I can’t even read because my writing was so bad.) I’ve never been able to pick up typing as a consistent form of original writing because for me, there’s always that disconnect of trying to make sure my fingers hit the right keys and make the right words. I have enough trouble getting my hands to do that with handwriting as it is!

Idea note_20141204_225818_01

So imagine my delight when one of my friends donated to me his old Note 2 and I finally, with absolutely no – possibly even negative – expectations, slid the s-pen from it’s moorings and gave it a run. I’d tried it once or twice before on display phones, scribble some circles,

draw a cat. But this time, I actually took it to my writing software and attempted to make consistent, ongoing words. Sentences, even.

And I have to say, it is AMAZING!

I scrawl this;

and it manages to translate that into “were clad in some kind”. I know that doesn’t seem so impressive but considering my swype would struggle to get 4 of those words right it’s pretty damned impressive. But, most important of all, it’s intuitive. I don’t have to think, much. (It still needs some work on punctuation and sometimes it translates a word into complete gibberish) But it’s so good!

I think this is, finally, the perfect marriage I’ve been looking for between old-school long-hand and new-skool technology. This could literally transform the way I work from now on.

What say you? Have you tried the Note and S-Pen? What’s your favourite method of getting words out of your head?

Stealth out

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