So Where’ve You Been?

Wow, quiet around here, huh.

Sorry, I probably forgot to tell you, as of the week before last I’ve decided to focus 100% on my writing career. Well, as 100% as I can while still working a full time job anyway. As a result of which, I’ve decided to turn “paul andrew taylor” into a static website. Sort of. Which just means instead of regular blogging I’ll be making irregular posts about what I’m up to and what’s going on, re: books and whatnot.

So you’ll basically get my newsfeed here, my About Me‘s over there and my Books are next to to it, keeping each other company, having a beer. Although at the time of this writing there is actually only one book over there. More on that in a second.

As a result of my newfound direction and Purposity (I know that’s not a word, I just wanted to make Purpose sound more grand, and it was either that or porpoise.) I’ll probably be creeping in some site re-designs over the next few weeks, or months more likely. Don’t be alarmed. Everything will proceed as normal. Unless I decide to jump ship and head back over to blogger because, damnit, it’s just easier to make a home over there. But even then, if I do it right, you shouldn’t even notice a difference.

So, my books, my writing, my bread and butter, as it were. Or my beer and peanuts. What’s going on there.

Shadowville on Amazon

My first (awful, it’s just simply awful) book Shadowville is currently available on Amazon for at or around $2, I think. It’s like one of those Macca’s burger deals. What else you going to do with 2 bucks other than clog your arteries? Might as well clog your ereader instead. Amazon is currently its only home although I will be changing that in the next month or so. (More exciting, yawn, news on that soon.) Just in case you’ve forgotten what it’s about, here’s a brief blurb I just made up;

The sun shines and your shadow falls.

But what if your shadow was doing more than falling?

What if it was feeding? Biding it’s time, waiting.

Ben Reilly, down on his luck, out of love, returns to his home town in search of solace and refuge. Instead, he finds himself thrown into a conflict against a force that can’t be fought, trying to save the woman he loves.
Shadowland – The Sequel

Even more exciting, if anyone read Shadowville and a) cared, or b) didn’t care but felt like they should read my books out of some familial or friendship obligation, I’m starting pre-work on the sequel to Shadowville called Shadowland! You can probably guess where that one’s heading from the title. (Ooh, maybe I should call it Shadow Nation. I’m still not decided on the title, it might ultimately depend on what I’m going to call the final trilogy. I probably should work that out soon). So I’m currently roughing out a half-arsed plot for that and realising I’ll need to do some study on how armies actually work. I’m hoping to break ground on that before Christmas. To whet your appetite though, here in all its glory is the first paragraph ever written for Shadowland! (Note: it’s not technically the first first paragraph, it’s just the first paragraph I’ve written.)

Godamnit, snapping cracks poopfarts. I did have my first paragraph I was going to chuck in here but thanks to the wonders of modern technology (and possibly my own drunkassness) that paragraph is gone. Lost forever in the mists of time. No doubt somewhere right in the middle of my experimenting with Scrivener, which I will continue to think is shit for writing novels in until someone convinces me otherwise.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of my cat;

Shadowville – The Prequel

I’m currently working on a freebie, giveaway called “the shadows are coming”, leading up to, sort of, the events in Shadowville (don’t worry, it’s not a story all about Ben’s relationship and break-up with his girlfriend). It’s an expansion of what was the prequel to Shadowville originally but I decided it ultimately didn’t quite fit with the rest of the book so I’ve taken it out and expanded it into a short story which I’ll be releasing into the wild in the next month or so.

Dibs n Roo

Dibs n Roo keeps plodding along. Seriously, this is starting to turn into the book that never ends. I’ve got Pear (who could now be called Pearl, she hasn’t decided yet) on a cloudship full of Pirate Bilbies. Dibs is paddling up the river in some kind of as-yet undetermined craft and is just about to be ambushed, although her and Gregore (who’s definitely changing his name) don’t know that yet. So don’t tell them. And poor Roo, poor little Roo, she’s stuck underground with a race of mythical creatures who want her to be their spirit animal and guide them back into the world of the light above-ground. She’s said no and raced off and if she doesn’t escape – it’s still hazy whether she will or not – an even worse fate awaits her.

This thing keeps growing. It’s 115,000 words and I think it’s probably two-thirds done. Maybe. I’m starting to doubt if these guys are ever going to reach the city. Dibs was supposed to get there well ahead of Roo and Pearl so she she could be thoroughly broken by the time they found her but Pearl insisted on going and hitching a ride on this cloud-ship, so now she’s going to arrive at the city first and be hanging around drinking mulled wine and getting massages by the ice pool like Bran and Hodor in Season 5 of Game of Thrones. Even once they reach the city there’s a whole other story going on there. God, i think it’s just going to keep ballooning. I could be writing this thing for the rest of my life.

In which case, I’m thinking of serialising it. Start here on the blog, 10,000 words or so a week, collected into 30,000 word ebooks, or something along those lines. I’ll have to work out story and book lengths and how quickly I can write them. But that’s my idea for that now. I’m kind of excited about it. Mostly for the fact of finally getting this thing out there. I started typing it up – I write everything longhand – and I realised I started writing this thing in 2010. So that means in 4 years I’ve written 115,000 words. That’s a pretty sad record. Stephen King’s rolling around in his piles of money and laughing hysterically right now.

That’s everything going on now. There’s other things in the pipeline. There’s the gradual, glacial output of short stories – I’ve got a collection going live soon. And I’m toying with another outlet for my ebooks. But this is all the current stuff I’m working on. It feels like a lot on my plate and every day I can feel the minutes and hours racing by all too quick. It’s like Time’s in a sprint and I’m doing a marathon. So that fills me with a horrible sense of dread and anxiousness that every minute not spent creating new content and publishing stories is a horrible waste of my life. But I’m assuming that’s every creative person’s problem. Sidenote: I need more creative friends.

Anyway, that’s me for the week. I’ll see you around somewhere next time I’ve got something to tell you. I’ll try and share some more stuff on the blog, kind of like I do on my facebook that no-one reads.

See you around.

stealth out

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