How Ramit Sethi Reminded Me Of My No Fuss Weight Loss Plan

Believe it or not, I wasn’t always the svelte, sexy man you see in my profile picture. In fact, time was, my weight was crushing the scales at almost 110 kilos! I From that, I managed to drop to an elegant 82 kilos. And, you know what, it was easy. I made a couple of simple little changes and the weight all but went away on its own. The best thing is that, with a little effort, you can do it, too.

Fatty fatty boom-batty!

Fatty fatty boom-batty!

I was sitting on the toilet this morning thinking about personal finance guru Ramit Sethi (What, is that weird?) mentally composing a tweet shit-canning (ha-ha!) his theory of earning more money rather than continually trying to cut your spending. It’s a sound idea. It will probably work for anyone who has the cojones to put it into action. It is, in fact, one of the main philosophies of his blog.

There I was, mentally bagging it out thinking, you might as tell someone that, rather than eat less or healthier they just need to exercise more. “That’s ludicrous,” I thought from atop my porcelain throne. “Utmost poppycock! You can’t just earn more money, that’s like trying to exercise more to lose weight- oh, hang on…”

That’s when it occurred to me, that’s exactly the method I used last time I wanted to lose weight. I’d been putting on some weight for a while and had changed some of my eating habits, trying not to each as much takeaway, staying out drinking all night instead of having dinner, whatever. But none of them really seemed to be working.

I knew I’d probably changed my eating habits as much as I could, I’d cut down on takeaway and was trying to bring my lunch as much as I could but any time I went out or was hungover I reverted to the same old eating patterns. I sat there and thought, you know what, changing my eating habits isn’t doing that much for me, so I’m just going to start exercising more.

It wasn’t hard. I had a fair walk from the station back to my flat anyway and most nights I had nothing to do so I’d just go for a walk. The hills around my old place in Marrickville provided a good challenge and before I knew it I was attempting to run up these hills just to prove I could. As the kilos started to drop off and I started enjoying exercise more I threw in some push-ups and sit-ups to try and build muscle. And it worked!

Bear in mind, this was before Atkins and low carb and the 4 Hour Body and all those things came along. I was eating plenty of bread still, in fact, plain old sandwiches formed a staple of my diet. I had them for lunch for awhile, then I switched to having them for dinner. I was even having a little chocolate biscuit treat after dinner!

Unfortunately, the fitness plan didn’t last. After moving a couple of times my routine got interrupted and, as my flat-mate started to annoy me more and more I found myself getting home later and later to try and avoid her until my exercise had fallen by the wayside.

But over that year or two (Yes, it’s not a quick fix), just from the simplest measure of starting to walk for a half hour or so every night, I dropped about 10 – 15 kilos and was receiving compliments from all sides. Yes, it’s over-simplifying the battle of weight loss, but it can be done just by following these few tips;

Limit take-away foods to one or two meals a week. Or weekends.

Bring your own, healthy food to work for lunch. Healthy sandwiches are an easy meal

Eat smaller portioned meals for dinner, those low-fat meals you see in the frozen section of supermarkets are the ideal meal size

Walk for a minimum of 30 minutes, 4 times a week

And, bonus number 5 tip;


Really, I never gave it much thought, I was aware I was tying to lose weight, but apart from doing the exercise I really didn’t focus too much at all on it. Once you start to focus on something you give it weight and importance, it swells and grows until it becomes this giant, insurmountable thing and then you give up because it just all seems too hard.

So follow my tips above, relax, have fun getting more active and just let the kilos melt away.

What about you? Got any weight-loss success stories? Or weight-loss failure stories? They’re all good for a laugh.

stealth out

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